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Uvex Stealth Reader OTG Goggles: Clear Anti-Fog Lens

Uvex Stealth Reader OTG Goggles: Clear Anti-Fog Lens

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Introducing the pioneering Uvex Stealth Reader goggle, a breakthrough innovation offering an expansive spectrum of magnification strengths. Engineered with diopters ranging from +1.0 to +3.0, the Uvex Stealth Reader goggle caters perfectly to professionals seeking elevated magnification for meticulous tasks and up-close examinations, all while ensuring unmatched protective coverage.

Key Features:

  • Available in Crystal Clear with Uvextreme® anti-fog coating, featuring a diverse selection of five diopter strengths spanning from +1.0 to +3.0.
  • Crafted from premium, supple elastomer material that seamlessly molds to facial contours, ensuring a secure, tailored fit that eliminates gaps.
  • Designed to harmoniously accommodate Uvex Stealth® OTG lenses, enhancing versatility and customization options.
  • Adopts a discreet, wrap-around profile, ensuring comprehensive shielding and unhindered visibility, effectively safeguarding against chemical splashes.
  • Boasts an adjustable, broad slide headband accompanied by pivot clips, facilitating effortless customization to achieve optimal comfort, even when worn with hard hats.
  • Employs an economical lens replacement mechanism, significantly prolonging the goggle's operational lifespan.


  • Meets and exceeds the stringent ANSI Z87.1-2010 High Impact Standard, attesting to its unwavering commitment to safety and quality.