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Fogging machines in agriculture

Fogging Machine

Why should one use fogging machines in agriculture?

COVID-19 pandemic has set a new normal. It has changed the standards of hygiene and sanitation. For achieving this new benchmark many tried and tested techniques and methods are employed. One of those tried and tested method is fogging. Fogging has become very popular in the recent times.

Fogging has been used in agriculture from quite some time. Talking about agriculture, it is one of the most important industries in the US with the production of whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and cash crops. To maintain and increase the productivity of the farm produce, maintaining the health and protection of the crops becomes the utmost priority.

According to Cambridge University Press, for the period 2001–03, the total global potential loss due to pests varies from around 50% in wheat to more than 80% in cotton production. Due to this pest damage, huge losses are incurred by the agricultural sector which could be avoided by eradication of pests. Thus, protecting the crops from pests becomes very important in the agricultural sector.

Fogging: A Potential Solution in Agriculture

Fogging is a potential technique that is regarded as highly efficient in curbing pests, pathogens, and microbes (including the coronavirus). In this technique, the fertilizer or pesticide usually in the form of liquid or solution is converted to vapor and then dispersed into the air. This vapor when dispersed in the air forms a fog and hence the name, 'fogging'.

This fog destroys microbes and pests in its path and then settles down. The primary advantage of fogging is that these fogger machines have a wide range which is useful for outdoor ranches and farms. They are also useful for indoor and/or greenhouse farming where the fog reaches out to every corner. But thermal fogging comes with its own disadvantages.

Many experts regard fogging as one of the most efficient and effective techniques for spraying pesticides and fertilizers. Especially when you need to cover huge farms. Fogger machines are most preferred for spraying pesticides or fertilizers because they have already shown good results.

Thermal Fogging is usually used in agriculture. There are basically three types based on how the chemical liquid or solution is vaporized. Types are :

1) Fuel Fogger :
It uses fuel to convert liquid/solution to vapor. Fuel can be gasoline or any other fuel to heat the liquid/solution.

2) Gas Fogger :
It uses propane gas to convert liquid/solution to vapor. This gas heats the liquid/solution.

3) Electric Fogger :
It uses electricity to convert liquid/solution to vapor. It comes with electric cable which need a stable electric supply.


Before you choose the fogger machine, ensure that it is compatible with the particular type of chemical fogging.

When thermal fogging is employed, optimum temperature should be reached irrespective of the type used. If not then the pesticide or fertilizer drips off and fog may not be effective.

Advantages of Fogging in Agriculture :

Fogging is the best choice for large farms. Moreover, they are the best for hard-to-reach areas too. The best part of fogging in outdoors is that you can actually view the fog and control its direction. Tree tops and long grass usually get neglected in other methods.

Usually, the agriculture sector has huge ranches, farms, and barns which can be very difficult to protect from insects and microbes. To protect these effectively, fogging is preferably used. Other methods take more time, labor, and/or money and hence fogging is employed.

Fogging can also be employed in warehouses/barns. The primary advantage of fogging is that it reaches out to objects that are usually inaccessible via other methods. Fogging in warehouses and barns is done for disinfection and protection against insects and pathogens.

For barns and warehouses, it becomes important to disinfect before storing the farm produce. This disinfection ensures that the insects and pests don't thrive in the barn environment. Thus, fogging plays a major role even in the safe storage of farm produce.

Fogging is used in the process of humidification in greenhouses. This technique is employed to reduce mold and mildew formation. Fogging is used to kill the airborne spores thus reducing their growth rate.


For farms and ranches, the fog should be dense. Dense fog efficiently eradicates pests and insects.

A man using a fogger machine

Best Fogger machine for Agriculture: ULTRA LOW VOLUME fogger machine

One of the most used types of fogger machines for agriculture is the ULV (Ultra Low Volume) fogger machine. ULV fogger machines use an antimicrobial liquid solution for the eradication of microbes.

Ultra-low volume (ULV) fogging machines work by using large volumes of air at low pressure to convert the liquid solution into droplets. ULV which stands for Ultra Low Volume forms minuscule particles (1–150 μm) which is usually not visible to the naked eye.

ULV fogger machines can be used by ranch owners and farmers for the application of pesticides, fertilizers, and disinfectants. They disperse these chemicals quite efficiently and effectively. Moreover, the chemicals disperse quickly and reach every corner of the farm.

ULV fogger machines becomes a necessity in barns and warehouses as they are effective in disinfecting the cracks and crevices. ULV fogger machines are considered to be one of the best in insect control.

Advantages of Ultra Low Volume Fogger Machine :

1) The usage of concentrated chemicals increases its efficiency and effectiveness.
2) Low noise level.
3) Less potential harm to humans as the fog droplets as minuscule.
4) Affordable cost of the ULV fogger machine.

ULV Fogger Machine : Savior of Avocado

Before ULV fogger machines arrived for protection of avocado production, a traditional handgun sprayer was used in pest control. Yet, avocado plants used to fall prey to diseases like Cercospora spot, stem-end rot, and others. Once ULV fogger machines were employed, these diseases were reduced up to 80% and the chemical run-off problem was also solved. Thus, avocados remained healthy only due to ULV fogger machines.

Conclusion :

To protect our agriculture sector from harmful fungi and pests, fogging pesticides and fungicides has been proved as an effective and efficient solution. Moreover, the usage of ULV fogger machines is even more advantageous. Fogging is widely used in farms, ranches, barns and warehouses because it has less negative effects on humans, but still has an efficient killing effect on microbes. They also cover larger areas in short timespan and are the best for hard-to-reach areas. ULV fogger machine has proved itself as the savior of the avocado crop.