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Stay Dry and Safe with Water-Resistant and Slip-Resistant Shoe Covers

Stay Dry and Safe with Water-Resistant and Slip-Resistant Shoe Covers

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Disposable Shoe Covers: Your Reliable Solution for Protection

Introducing our Disposable Shoe Covers in a convenient 100-pack (50 pairs) case, bundled in 3 packs of 100 each. These shoe covers are designed to provide water resistance and slip resistance, ensuring your safety and convenience in various settings.

Key Features:

  • Water-Resistant and Slip-Resistant: These shoe covers offer dual protection against water and slips, making them a dependable choice for wet or slippery environments.
  • Generous Quantity: Each case contains 300 shoe covers (150 pairs), ensuring you're equipped for multiple uses.
  • Easy Application: Slip them on quickly and effortlessly to experience instant protection and enhanced grip.
  • Size Compatibility: Designed to fit up to Men's size 10 and Women's size 12, these shoe covers are versatile and accommodating.


  • Healthcare: Ideal for medical professionals, caregivers, and hospital staff who require both safety and hygiene.
  • Industrial: Suitable for factory workers, contractors, and anyone working in environments where water and slips are concerns.
  • Home Use: Perfect for rainy days, cleaning tasks, and activities around the house where you want to keep your shoes and floors protected.


  • Pack Size: 100 Shoe Covers (50 pairs)
  • Case Content: 3 Packs of 100 Shoe Covers (Total 300 shoe covers, 150 pairs)
  • Size Compatibility: Fits up to Men's size 10 and Women's size 12

Upgrade your footwear protection with our Disposable Shoe Covers. Whether you're at work, in a medical facility, or simply dealing with the challenges of a rainy day, these shoe covers have you covered. Experience the convenience and confidence of reliable shoe protection with our quality solution.