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EPIC White Cleanroom Shoe Covers: Bulk Protection for Critical Environments

EPIC White Cleanroom Shoe Covers: Bulk Protection for Critical Environments

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Solid Polyethylene Cleanroom Shoe Covers: Impeccable Cleanliness, Unmatched Protection

Experience the pinnacle of cleanroom footwear protection with our Solid Polyethylene Cleanroom Shoe Covers. These lint-free disposable shoe covers are meticulously designed to meet the exacting standards of critical environments, ensuring your footwear and floors remain uncontaminated in a wide range of applications.

Key Features:

Seamless Cleanliness: With heat-sealed seams and a seamless bottom, these shoe covers prevent particle shedding and maintain the highest level of cleanliness.
Liquid Barrier: Crafted from lightweight yet impervious polyethylene, these shoe covers are designed to resist liquids, offering protection against hazardous liquids and splashes.
Welded Seams: Ensuring exceptional durability, the welded seams contribute to the overall integrity of the shoe covers.
Versatile Compatibility: Suitable for use in critical and low particulate clean environments, as well as various general industrial applications.
Safety Assurance: The fabric is suitable for exposure to bloodborne pathogens and hazardous liquids, making it a reliable choice in potentially risky situations.
Physical Properties:

Material: Proprietary Polyethylene Blend
Thickness: 5 mil
Embossed for Grip: The fabric is embossed to enhance skid resistance, promoting safety with every step.
Size: Universal (16" length x 6" height)
Color: White
Test Results:

ISO Cleanroom Class: 5 (IEST-RP-CC003.3)
Coefficient of Friction: 0.57us (ASTM D2047)
Flammability Class: 1 (CPSC 1610)
Neatly cleanroom packed for ultimate hygiene, each case includes 100 pieces per sealed inner polybag, with 3 polybags per sealed master bag, totaling 300 pieces per case.

Trust in the excellence of our Solid Polyethylene Cleanroom Shoe Covers for unmatched cleanliness, reliability, and protection. From clean environments to general industrial applications, these shoe covers are the epitome of dependable cleanroom footwear. Experience safety in every step with our meticulous footwear solution.