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Which are the best PPE companies?

List of 9 best PPE companies in the world


PPE or personal protective equipment comprises several types of equipment that help an individual to protect themselves from a possible hazard. If you are confused, let’s talk about an example. During the COVID-19 pandemic, respirators or face masks were widely used by nearly everyone. These are considered as PPE, which helps in protecting an individual from a possible hazard from pathogens. If you’re wondering which PPE company should you prefer, then you are in the right place.

The history of PPE is debatable. Interestingly, a few consider that PPE dates back to the 16th century where doctors used cloth masks, long gowns, and leather (usually animal skin) gloves. While the scientifically accurate PPE was designed during World War One, to tackle chemical warfare. The development of body protection PPE and respiratory protection PPE was at the forefront as they were the need of the war. 

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It was during the World Wars, where huge investments were directed towards manufacturing and research in PPE. This allowed many companies to enter the PPE business. After the World Wars, most nations made changes in their labor laws. This included the inclusion of PPE for the laborers and employees. This allowed the rise of PPE companies.

With the PPE market growing exponentially, there are many PPE companies, and this can create confusion amongst the buyers. Considering the importance of PPE in the 21st century, one should know about the major PPE companies. n this article, we will take a look at some of the best PPE companies that are well-known for their quality and brand name. So, let’s get to the list without any further ado. 

  • 3M

  • A company that requires no introduction. 3M is widely popular for its healthcare, safety, and consumer goods. From Post it® sticky notes to PPE, 3M has over 60,00 products! 3M has over 5500 products of PPE alone! The company has made quite a few major contributions to the PPE industry. One of the most important contributions has been the development of the first model of N95 respirator back in 1972. The same N95 respirators were highly recommended for every frontline worker during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

    So, if you’re considering buying an N95 respirator, then your best bet would be 3M. If you’re still not sure, then consider the fact that 3M manufactured over 2.5 billion N95 respirators in the year 2021. Other notable PPE products from this PPE company include eye safety PPE like safety glasses, ear safety PPE like earplugs, and body protection PPE like safety vests.

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  • MSR Safety

  • The global leader of the PPE industry for over 40 years, MSR Safety has created a league of its own. It has a wide range of PPE products that include every type of PPE. They even have a wide range of products based on quality, price, and material of construction. Buyers can choose from their wide range of products or go with their best sellers as well. During the COVID-19 pandemic, MSR Safety also entered into respiratory protection PPE face masks allowing them to further diversify.

  • Honeywell

  • Honeywell is a well-known US conglomerate MNC that has a wide range of products. From simulation software to aerospace to PPE, Honeywell is just about everywhere. The company has a rich legacy of 115 years! During the COVID-19 pandemic, Honeywell increased the manufacturing of PPE. In the year 2020, Honeywell manufactured over 4 million FFP respirators every month. 

    With over 70 years in PPE manufacturing, Honeywell is your best bet if you don’t want to comprise quality and brand value. If you purchase (first purchase only) PPE from their website, then you get an additional 10% discount. The best sellers of Honeywell are ear protection PPE like earmuffs, body protection PPE like reflective safety vests, and respiratory protection PPE like FFP respirators.

  • DuPont

  • A company with more than 200 years of history, what’s better than it? DuPont rebranded, merged, and revamped in 2017. Yet, it carried forward its legacy and is currently the largest producer of chemicals. DuPont is well-known for Tyvek disposable coveralls. Apart from chemical safety PPE, during the COVID-19 pandemic started manufacturing PPE to balance the increasing demand for PPE. 

    If you’re looking for chemical safety PPE, fire-resistant PPE, and industry safety PPE, DuPont is the best bet. DuPont has several products made up of special fabrics like Nomex, Tyvek, and Kevlar. 

  • MSA

  • If you’re looking for a dedicated US safety product manufacturing PPE company, then it is MSA. Mine Safety Appliances (MSA) was established in the year of 1914 by mine engineer John T Ryan after a tragic Virginia mine explosion in 1912 which took the lives of over 80 mine workers. MSA developed an electric cap lamp with the assistance of Thomas Edison. This PPE reduced the number of mine explosions by an astonishing 75%! 

    The PPE company also manufactures mining instruments, communication systems, and many more. The major PPE products of MSA include respiratory protection PPE Self-containing Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), head protection PPE like hard hats, and fall protection PPE like safety harnesses. With a strategic acquisition of Bristol Uniforms in early 2021, MSA has increased its footprints to the UK and Europe.  

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  • Radians

  • Radians is well-known for its high-quality manufacturing of safety equipment, PPE, and other industrial products. Radians recently launched their new PPE products under their DEWALT brand. Radians also has a product range called Crossfire which includes some of the best eye safety PPE. If you’re looking for eye safety PPE, then Radians is the best PPE company.

  • Rockfall

  • UK-based foot protection PPE company Rockfall is your best bet if you’re planning to protect your feet from possible hazards. With constant innovation and partnerships, Rockfall has been delivering the best foot protection PPE with high quality, durability, and safety.

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  • Ansell

  • Australian-based Ansell is a global manufacturer of hand protection PPE, especially industrial gloves, safety gloves, medical gloves, and protective gloves. With a legacy of over 90 years, it has several subsidiaries, prominent ones being SAS, Microflex, AlphaTec, and Encore. It came into the limelight due to its program of #NetworkofHeroes which helped many manufacturers with industrial setup and expansions amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. So, if you’re planning to buy hand protection PPE, then Ansell is the best PPE company.

  • Kimberly-Clark

  • Kimberly-Clark is an MNC that specializes in personal care products. It is well-known for respiratory protection PPE that includes face masks, cloth face masks, filter face masks, medical masks, and respirators.



    With the sudden rise in the demand for PPE during the COVID-19 pandemic, the PPE industry is set to grow at an exponential rate. With innovations and constant upgrades, PPE companies will surely have a tough time pleasing their consumers with the best comfort and safety features. Check out these 9 PPE companies, and make the right choice. 

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