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What is an Electrostatic Sprayer? How is it useful?

Is an Electrostatic Sprayer really useful?

electrostatic sprayer

To be honest, no one expected a global pandemic in 2019. With the developments in science & medicine, a petty virus causing a catastrophe was least expected. There was even more of the chance that a zombie apocalypse could have taken place, but not the COVID-19 pandemic. It made the entire world go on a lockdown, and people work from home. One good thing that the pandemic made happen is creating awareness about hygiene, disinfection, and sanitization. In this article, we are going to throw light on one of the newest tools used for disinfection - An Electrostatic Sprayer!

What is an Electrostatic Sprayer?

Everyone would surely agree that the COVID-19 pandemic made the use of certain seldom-used words mainstream. It also threw light on rarely used cleaning, sanitizing & disinfecting tools, equipment & products.  Just like we previously discussed one such disinfecting tool - Fogging machines. You can check our blog on one of the best types of fogging machines - the ULV fogging machine. Similarly, in this article, we would be discussing electrostatic sprayers. They are one of the newest & best types of equipment used for disinfection purposes. They use electrically charged particles for disinfection, hence the name electrostatic sprayer. They look like a normal spray gun, but actually, they are much more sophisticated than it. 

How does an Electrostatic Sprayer work?

They work by positively charging the disinfectant particles. Let’s get back to some high school science class. These particles being positively charged tend to repel one other. Now, the surface on which you are about to spray the disinfectant acts as a negatively charged particle. These positively charged disinfectant particles while repelling each other, get attracted to the large negatively charged surface. Due to this, they get stuck to the surface. Due to the electrostatic charge, the disinfectant particles atomize themselves. This allows them to achieve better coverage & disinfection. 

What are the Advantages of Electrostatic Sprayer? Is it really useful?

For domestic household, industrial, business, and healthcare disinfection uses, these sprayers are the best! Why? This is because they solve the most commonly occurring disinfection problems. The most common problem with using disinfectants is getting proper coverage. Disinfectants don’t find their way to the hard to reach areas. They solve this problem (even fogging machines too). Moreover, there is never a problem of over spraying or splashing of disinfectant. 

One of the best advantages of an electrostatic sprayer is that there is no need for a wipe to spread the disinfectant evenly. It reaches even hard to reach areas effectively, thus allowing a better disinfection action in the process. Understand that wiping may be inefficient if not done properly. Using an electrostatic spray gun, wiping is eliminated. But, due to the electrostatic charge, the disinfectant particles stay longer on the surfaces. This allows them to have more interaction time with the pathogens. The sprayer speeds up disinfection, all while doing it with less physical exertion (due to the elimination of wiping). Another major advantage of this sprayer is that it uses lesser quantities of disinfectant. Thus, it saves money for you.

Some sprayers come with detachable spray nozzles. They allow you to select the spray nozzle which changes the disinfectant droplet size. This size is usually in microns. Adjusting the disinfectant droplet size allows for to use of it accordingly based on the disinfecting surface requirement. Also, the sprayer does not produce any noise. It is mostly quiet even while operating. It also eliminates any chances of cross-contamination.

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On which surfaces do electrostatic sprayers work the best?

Hard, non-uniform & non-porous surfaces. 

Does the electrostatic sprayer eliminate the novel coronavirus?

They are the equipment that effectively disperses the disinfectant on the surface. It is the disinfectant that is responsible for the elimination of the pathogen. If the disinfectant that is sprayed using this sprayer can eliminate the novel coronavirus, then the answer is yes, and vice versa.

How fast does an electrostatic sprayer disinfect a surface?

They can disinfect the surface at a rate of anywhere between 100 to 250 square feet area in a minute.

How much time can one save if electrostatic sprayers are used to disinfect?

The time saved can be anywhere between 70 to 80% of traditional disinfectant spraying techniques.

Can one use an electrostatic sprayer for disinfection without any training?

According to the CDC safety precautions, only trained professionals should use new technologies that are used to spray disinfectants (including electrostatic sprayers). One must hire someone with adequate training in the use of electrostatic disinfection.

If you’re looking for household disinfection and worried about whether hiring trained professionals is worth it or not, check out our article on house cleaning & sanitizing services.

When is the use of an electrostatic sprayer highly recommended?

They are highly recommended to use when disinfection needs to be quick & properly accomplishes. During the COVID-19 pandemic, these sprayers were widely used to quickly disinfect the vacated rooms of COVID-19 cured patients.                      

What are the risks associated with an electrostatic sprayer?

They atomize the disinfectant particles. They may get suspended in the air and stay for longer periods if the area of disinfection is not well-ventilated. This can cause eye & skin irritation. It may also cause respiratory issues, especially for asthma patients. To minimize the risks associated with the sprayer, follow these -

  • Allow only trained professionals should use these sprayers.
  • Use only EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved disinfectants. Check out list N of disinfectants approved by EPA which can be used to tackle the novel coronavirus as well. 
  • Always follow the instructions mentioned on the disinfectant product label by the manufacturer. 
  • Use proper PPE (personal protection equipment) while using the sprayer.
  • Keep pets & children away from the area of disinfection while using the sprayer. 
electrostatic sprayer


Newer technologies have made disinfection easier & convenient. Especially, fogging machines & electrostatic sprayers have been the forerunners in this field. These sprayers have many advantages associated with their use, provided it is used by trained professionals. There aren’t any high risks associated with its use, but it is always better to be safe than to be sorry. If you want to save time and ensure proper disinfection of your premises, then this sprayer is the most useful tool for you.