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Role of Fogging Machines in Salons!


Beauty Salon fogging

The pandemic has left the world in disarray. The queens who once flurried in and out of parlor as if it were their second home, now lay at home with messy buns and wild eyebrows. “Use home remedies for beauty”, as much as people would love to try these remedies, the real fun lay in chatting with your stylist and flipping through magazines with your gaggle of girl friends.

Gradually though, our divas ventured out armed with masks and sanitizers. People made sure preventive measures were followed everywhere they visited, then why not at beauty salons? Now, beauty salons have got their own COVID-19 warrior - Fogging machines. A fogging machine, fog generator, or smoke machine is a device that emits a dense vapor that appears similar to fog or smoke, and hence the name FOGGING MACHINE.

What are Fogging machines and their Role in Beauty Salons?

Apart from its commercial uses like industrial application, professional entertainment, training, some military applications, fogging machines can also be used in beauty salons. Fogging machine is a piece of equipment that uses a fine mist to apply cleaning and/or disinfecting chemicals. Fogging machines are considered to be one of the best equipment for disinfection and cleaning.

Now, there are two ways by which fogging machines can be made use of: first, as a hair wetting and cleaning tool used before the hairstylist chops off your gorgeous locks, or second, as a disinfecting agent. Both are pretty useful ways for beauty salon workers as it saves them a lot of effort as well as time.

The machine has a container attached to it which can be filled with either diluted disinfectant or plain water. Primarily, fogging machines can be used in hair cutting as water makes the hair hydrated quickly. Thus, making the job of a hair stylist easier. Not only does it help in cutting hair but also for hair styling like curling, straightening, perming, etc.

While carrying out activities like curling and straightening, the fogging machine may also use a diluted serum to provide proper nourishment to hair and avoid damage caused by excessive heat from the curling iron. The fine particles of the fogging machine can reach the hair root and allow the cells to receive nutrients.

After the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, fogging machines at beauty salons have taken on a new role. They have started fighting off germs already! An extremely dilute amount of disinfectant is added to the container and fogging machine is used to sanitize the salon premises.

The main purpose of fogging machines is to get into the small cracks and crevices of the material and help in full-proof sanitization. The normal spray bottles can hardly reach these small gaps as the particle size is much larger in comparison to fogging machine particle size.

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Why should Beauty Parlors use Fogging Machines?

#Compact and portable:

The fogging machine is convenient to use, can be easily carried, and doesn’t take much space. You won’t have to lug around a big container every time you need something disinfected. For a device that acts as both a hair styling tool and disinfectant, I would say that’s a pretty great metric!

#Worth your time:

Fogging machines are worth your time because they save your precious time! Imagine trying to style and cut the hair of a hundred people per day, fogging machine is going to save you the time of spraying water/serum every 5 minutes.

Compared to the traditional hair spray, fogging machine is a great alternative. What’s more? It also allows you to control the force of vapor coming from the fog nozzle, just by clicking one small button.

#Queen Sanitizer of the Salon:

Consider hundreds of people walking in and out of a salon, each more infected than the other, all of them leaving behind either dirty hair, dye, dead skin, or bodily germs and even pathogens. This mixed pool of bacteria will act as a party for fungus.

No one wants their salon retreat to be brimming with infections. Use your fogging machine to sanitize your parlor frequently so there does not remain any chance of transmission of any pathogens or germs. Use a fogging machine frequently because a salon is a public place and hence needs proper sanitation.

It will not only clean your surroundings but also wipe out infections in a jiffy. Moreover, you should do this cleaning ritual before your customers. It will provide your customers with confidence that you take sanitation seriously, which will become a selling point in the future. This may also help to build a trustworthy image of your work in the eyes of the customer. A worker who cares about well being of the customer is always appreciated.

#Precious money:

Fogging machines save you not only time but also money and provide a sanitized salon for your customers and staff.  Buying your fogging machine will save you money.

The deep cleaning costs for a salon can run into hundreds of $ per month in fees to carry

out disinfection fogging. By using a fogging machine, you can cover vast areas without missing any surfaces or the need to wipe afterward. The sanitizer lands dry on all surfaces hard or soft without causing any harm and offers full coverage of disinfectant. 

#Beauty troubles:

Fogging machine sends out fine particles that reach the root of your hair and provide nutrients. Many of these machines use nanotechnologies efficiently to penetrate the skin and to improve cell vitality. The porous heat dissipation from curling iron can be fought off with the help of fogging machine. We can easily adjust the fogging according to the hardness or softness of the hair.

Bottom line, fogging machines are easy to use, effective, efficient and an absolute asset to the user. The device is helping poor ladies reunite with their salon routine, making them look more glowing and gorgeous! Would you rather pull the trigger of spray bottles or use easy-breezy fogging machines?