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Importance and procedure of cleaning a fogging machine

How to clean a fogging machine?

The fogging machine emits a vapor that appears similar to the fog or smoke. Most people think that fogging machines are mainly used for creating an artificial foggy environment for movies, serials, live shows, events, haunted shows, or parties.

Fogging machines have been contributing to mankind for many decades. Fogging machine is also used in industrial activities, home cleaning and agriculture sector. Pest control, mosquito control, insecticide control are the most important applications of fogging machines.

According to one international survey, due to fogging machines, 50 percent of agricultural loss is prohibited as it kills microbes, pests, and microbes. Survey also claims that fogging machines are extremely effective for dispersion of chemicals in comparison to other machines, as fog spread by fogging machines reaches to invisible corners of farm, industry, home, indoor gardens and kills microbes easily.

Fogging machines can clean the entire globe but what about the cleaning of fogging machines? Cleaning of fogging machines is essential for their lifespan and maintaining their efficiency.

Let us first understand what problem you might face if the fogging machine is not cleaned on time?

Coking of fluid heating chamber:

It is one of the most common problems in fogging machines. The fogging machine has two parts one is the tank containing fog juice and another is the pump that supplies liquid to the heating chamber.

The fog which appears to us is the outcome of this liquid, and it comes out under the pressure, and as a result, fog is created. The heating chamber has a heating element in it. As the boiling process occurs continuously coking of the fluid heating chamber takes place. This is the most common reason for the failure of the fogging machine.

Cleaning a fogging machine is extremely important for the proper functioning of a fogging machine. One should clean the fogging machine minimum after 40 hours of use for the proper functioning of the fogging machine. Here we have brought effective methods and techniques for the cleaning of fogging machines.



Methods to clean fogging machine:

First method:

Using distilled white vinegar:

If you want your fogging machine to work faithfully, maintenance and cleaning are a must. When cleaning a fogging machine, how can you forget vinegar?

Here are the steps to be followed while cleaning the fogging machine by using vinegar:

Step 1:

Cover your nose:

The most important step is to cover your nose. The smell of distilled white vinegar cleaning solution is extremely pungent. So, cover your nose using a face mask to reduce the effect of odor.

Step 2:

Take the machine outside:

The smell of vinegar cleaning solution has an unpleasant pungent odor which might be more intense in closed rooms. Also, it can cause people to puke and quite uncomfortable due to its intense odor. The best places to clean a fogging machine are the backyard, open ground, garages, or any other place which is wide and open.

Step 3:

Empty the tank:

After taking out fogging machine outside, pull out the tank from the fogging machine. Unscrew its lid, and remove all the remaining fog juice in the sink. Empty it clearly, and try to ensure that none of the droplets are left. It is not feasibly possible to empty it, don’t worry vinegar cleaning solution will do it easily.

Step 4:

Prepare vinegar mixture:

Take one big cane mixing bowl. Add distilled water and distilled white vinegar liquid into it. Make sure that distilled water and vinegar are in equal proportions, and make a homogeneous cleaning solution.


Use only distilled water not any tap water or stored water. Other water contains salts which can create any other critical problem in the machine.

Note that you will need a solution almost full of the tank, make sure that you make enough cleaning solution. Usually, the tank of any fogging machine is approximately half a liter.

Step 5:

Take the same can that you pulled out before some time. Place it in its place in the machine and then pour the entire prepared solution of vinegar and distilled water into it.
Step 6:

Close the lid. Turn on the machine and keep it running with vinegar and distilled water solution inside it. Keep it for a minimum of 15 minutes.

Step 7:

Now, after running the cleaning solution add some distilled water into fogging machine and run it again. This process will help you to remove all remaining droplets of fog juice and dirt. This process will remove the foul odor too. So, don’t forget to implement it.

Step 8:

After finishing all the above 7 steps, keep the machine dry in open air or sunlight.

And, now you are done with the first method.

Second method:

The second method includes cleaning the overall machine. It includes a nozzle, upper part, exterior part, and other physically invisible parts of the fogging machine.

  1. Clear the nozzle:

Over some time, dust particles, oil droplets, etc get saturated on nozzle parts of fogging machine and it can become an obstacle to spread fog and hence the efficiency of the machine can be reduced. As the dust particles become so firm use a needle, or any other long and pointed object to clean it.

  1. Clean using wet cloth:

Take a well squeezed wet cloth and wipe all the parts of the fogging machine. If such care is
taken regularly then the lifespan of the fogging machine will surely increase.

Your cleaning process is almost done now. Now take the test of fogging machine to check whether it is working properly or not.

Testing Process:

After the cleaning process, fit all the parts and screws of the machine appropriately. Add some fog juice to the cane and then run the fogging machine for some time and see if it is working properly and spreading fog effectively.

Some important instructions:

  1. If you are not interested in making a cleaning solution, many good cleaning solutions are available in the market. You can purchase them directly.
  2. Strictly follow every instruction of manufacturer for better efficiency and long life of the fogging machine.
  3. Don’t ignore, if your machine is not running well. Immediately find out the problem and repair it.
  4. Frequent cleaning using vinegar solution can lower the quality of the machine so avoid overdoing it.
  5. If you use your machine rarely in a year don’t forget to clean it before storing it, don’t wait until the next usage.