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How to use a PPE in your Hair Salon?

What are PPE for hairdressers?

PPE for hairdressers

It is well-known that industries use PPE for the safety of their employees. But have you ever wondered where else PPE is used? In this article, we will talk about one such application of PPE. Hair salons use PPE for hairdressers to safeguard their health. Especially, after the COVID-19 lockdowns have been lifted, and the hair salons have reopened, they have employed PPE for hairdressers.  

Hair salons have understood the importance of PPE for hairdressers. It not only safeguards their health interests but also ensures their consumer’s health is protected. Moreover, when the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions were relaxed, the guidelines for reopening of hair salons included the post-COVID-19 norms. But, it majorly emphasized the use of PPE for hairdressers & staff of the hair salons. 

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While it is obvious that the hair salons may be slightly confused about the kind of PPE they must use, it should be noted that some of them may have been using some PPE already (for example, disposable hand gloves). Another major hurdle for the hair salons is the cost they need to spend on the PPE and what safety standards should they follow. In this article, you will find the answers to all the queries related to PPE for hairdressers used in a hair salon. So, let’s begin without any further ado.

PPE for hairdressers

What is PPE for Hairdressers? 

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), in general, refers to equipment such as garments, gear, wearables, or any such item. It helps in the protection (or even prevention of any damage) of the person wearing it from any damage or physical harm. If there’s any possibility of a mishap owing to the hazards of the location, PPE helps to minimize the damage or completely shield the wearer. 

A professional like a hairdresser who works in a place like hair salons need to understand the importance of PPE for hairdressers. Being aware of PPE that can protect them from potential hazards is the first step. Hairdressers are often in direct contact with the hair & skin of their consumers. They also are in contact with various chemicals & sharp objects. The basic PPE for a hairdresser includes disposable hand gloves. Post COVID-19 pandemic, a respirator or a face mask and face shield has become more essential.

PPE for hairdressers

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Will PPE for hairdressers stay compulsory for hair salons even after the post-COVID-19 pandemic?

While it is difficult to predict the future, it should be understood that hairdressers are in close contact with their customers. This means that there is always a risk of transmitting air-borne diseases. Moreover, considering the hygiene aspect, donning a PPE for hairdressers is a highly recommended suggestion by top experts. Irrespective of the compulsion, PPE for hairdressers is vital for health interests.

PPE for hairdressers

Who should bear the cost of PPE for a hairdresser?

It is the employer who should provide PPE to the hairdresser. Employees need not spend on the PPE. While it is true that many hair salons consider the cost of PPE for hairdressers as an added burden, post COVID-19 lockdown, many hair salons have had to spend for the PPE. Consider the provision of PPE as a goodwill gesture for the customer and a necessity for the hairdresser. The decision of the provision of PPE to the customers remains in the hands of the owners of the hair salons.  

While there’s no doubt that the employer needs to pay for the PPE of the hairdresser, PPE for the customers may or may not be provided by the hair salons. The decision is made based on the hair salon’s finances.

PPE for hairdressers

How should PPE for hairdressers be employed in hair salons?

Using PPE ensures safety, only if they are donned, used, and doffed properly. Incorrect use of PPE may cause discomfort for the wearer affecting their maneuverability. Here are a few tips on effective use of PPE for hairdressers,

  1. Selecting high-quality PPE - They may be slightly costlier, but this PPE ensures that the wearer doesn’t have any discomfort using it. Moreover, high-quality PPE provides better protection than its low-quality counterparts. Choosing PPE from trusted websites like TruePPEUSA, or PPE manufactured by reputed brands is highly recommended.
  2. PPE training - The hairdressers must be taught about PPE donning, doffing, storage, handling, disposal, and maintenance. Understanding PPE is vital for preserving & properly using it. Only a well-trained hairdresser will use PPE to its full potential. Based on the training, the hair salon management can prepare a set of guidelines & instructions. 
  3. Follow the guidelines & instructions - Even if the hairdresser has received proper PPE training, one needs to adhere to those instructions. Proper implementation of these instructions & guidelines (laid down by the hair salon management) will determine the efficiency of the PPE. Moreover, hygienic practices must be followed.

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Go through this video for understanding the procedure of donning & doffing PPE properly.

Which PPE can be used in the hair salon & considered as PPE for hairdressers?

For the proper selection of PPE for hairdressers, hair salons need to do a salon risk assessment. This helps in the identification of hazards, their potential danger & risk level. Moreover, one can also find out who can be potentially harmed by these hazards. 

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Once, this risk assessment is completed, it is assessed & analyzed to shortlist the PPE for hairdressers. Generally, the main PPE for hairdressers provided to them by the hair salon are:

PPE for hairdressers
  • Disposable Hand Gloves -

  • Hairdressers are in constant touch with the skin & hair of their customers. Disposable hand gloves help in protecting them from skin-related diseases. These gloves are single-use & must be discarded right after they are used. Hand gloves provide an extra layer of safety & a few can even aid the work of a hairdresser. 

  • Face Shields -

  • They act as a barrier between the hairdresser’s face & their customer. They provide an opportunity for the hairdresser to stay in contact minimizing the risk of any air-borne transmission.

  • Face Masks or Respirators -

  • While they are not really recommended for the hairdressers, in the absence or unavailability of face shields, face masks or respirators should be donned for sure. 

  • Disposable PPE Gowns -

  • These PPE gowns are useful in curbing any transmission of pathogens. They are easy to wear, remove, and dispose of. Moreover, they also help keep the clothes of the hairdressers neat & clean.

    PPE for hairdressers

    Conclusion -

    In the end, we would advise the hair salons to invest in PPE just as they do for maintaining hygiene. A proper risk assessment & PPE training is important for proper PPE selection & use. A hair salon that cares about its hairdressers & consumers, will always put health & safety as a top priority. 

    Stay Safe! Stay Healthy! Stay True!