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How to Care for Your Women's Scrub Tops: Maintenance and Washing Tips

Maintenance and Washing Tips for Women's Scrub Tops

Women's Scrub Tops


If you check a healthcare professional’s wardrobe, you will always find scrub tops. Scrub tops constitute an essential part of a healthcare professional’s attire. They are comfy during long shifts and contribute to a professional appearance. As they are a vital part of the wardrobe, maintaining the longevity and quality of your scrub tops is necessary. The article focuses on how to take proper care of women’s scrub tops. The article also talks about expert tips on how to maintain & wash women's scrub tops to keep them looking their best.

Start by Checking the Care Label

Before you wash or clean, always check the care label on the scrub top. Usually, manufacturers always mention necessary guidelines on how to properly care for the scrub top fabric. 

Pay close attention to the valuable information on recommended washing methods (hand or machine wash) and temperature (whether you can use warm water or not). Manufacturers also mention specific warnings, instructions, and recommendations, for example, if there’s anything related to exposure to sunlight or drying or the type of detergents or bleach that needs to be avoided. 

If you regularly iron the scrub tops, check the ironing instructions on the care label, as scrub top fabrics may require specific ironing requirements. Prefer ironing at low temperatures.

The care label may also contain warnings about avoiding bleach or harsh detergents, which can damage the fabric or affect colorfastness.

Note - Scrub sets are made from blends of different fabrics like cotton, polyester, etc. Each blend type may require a totally different care method.

How should you treat the Stains?

Every healthcare professional keeps guessing which type of stain will they encounter next. Not limited only to mayonnaise or ketchup that one encounters while eating, healthcare professionals additionally may come across various medical fluids, which may include blood, fecal matter, urine, IV fluids, bile liquids, and even puke. 

To get rid of these tough stains, it’s essential to pre-treat scrub tops before actually washing them. The best way is to use a stain remover that can be a mixture of mild detergent in water. Gently dab the stain and avoid vigorous rubbing. Mild dabbing ensures it is addressed without spreading or damaging the fabric. Before washing, allow the pre-treatment to settle down for a few minutes.

Do you sort your scrub tops by Color?

Women's Scrub Tops

Don’t tell us that you have never faced color bleeding! You are either lying or living in some utopian world. Well, sorting scrub tops based on color before washing them will help you to avoid color bleeding & their vibrant look.

Always wash white scrub tops separately as washing them with colored scrub tops can cause graying and in the worst cases, can even cause staining & bleeding. While you can wash dark & bright color scrub tops together, prefer washing light-colored scrub tops separately so that they are exposed to any color residue. 

Always prefer using a Mild Detergent -

Choosing a mild & color-safe detergent is crucial to preserve the fabric & color of the scrub top. Harsh detergents can weaken the fabric blend & cause color fading, which will cause a loss of the vibrancy of the scrub tops. 

Additionally, avoid the use of fabric softeners. According to Laurie Fulford, a laundry expert with SudShare, the fabric softener can break down the fibers of the fabric blend. Generally, fabric softeners should not be used with garments, especially scrub tops, which have moisture-wicking properties & require optimum breathability.  

Prefer washing Scrub Tops in Cold Water -

Are you washing scrub tops? Meet your best friend - cold water. Washing with cold water prevents color fading & chances of fabric shrinkage. And of course, it doesn’t require energy to heat the water, thus making it the best choice.

What type of Machine Wash Cycle should you prefer?

Always select the gentle cycle if you are considering a machine wash, as it is enough to clean the scrub tops. Other cycles may have more or less agitation & friction, which may damage the fabric. In case some stains are not getting removed, consider pre-treatment or a longer wash cycle with extra rinsing to get the best results without causing excessive stress on the fabric.

Using a Washing Machine - Don’t Overload it!

Always consider the washing machine manufacturer’s instructions to consider the load size. Opting for a proper load size helps maintain the quality of washing the garments and reduces wrinkling and wear & tear of garments, especially scrub tops. 

Consider Air Drying -

Air drying is the best option for scrub top fabrics. It also reduces any chance of fabric shrinkage & wrinkling. While a few scrub top manufacturers may allow using a dryer, always choose low heat settings, as high heat can cause color fading.

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In the demanding world of healthcare, where comfort and professionalism are everything, women's scrub tops are a staple in every healthcare professional's wardrobe. Maintaining the quality and longevity of your scrub tops is not just a matter of aesthetics; it's a practical necessity that the scrub top functionality & durability are maintained. 

The article has provided comprehensive guidance on how to care for your women's scrub tops, ensuring they remain in top-notch condition for years to come. By following these expert tips and heeding the care label instructions on the scrub tops, you can ensure that your scrub tops remain in pristine condition. It allows you to focus on what truly matters – providing quality healthcare while looking and feeling your best!

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