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How is Electrolyzed water the Miracle Drink of the 21st Century?

Is Electrolyzed water a Miracle Drink?

electrolyzed water

Does elixir exist? We don’t live in a utopian world, but the nearest possibility to a magical potion in real life is electrolyzed water. Did you know? Electrolysed water can be used as a degreaser in kitchens, food preparation, cleaning floors & windows, washing laundry, dishwashing, disinfectant in medical & hospitality industries, and cure for burns, acne & athlete’s foot. Isn’t it a miracle fluid? In this article, we will solely discuss how electrolyzed water is the miracle drink of the 21st century.

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Six million people visit a certain place in France. It is famous for its miracle water which is said to have healing powers. Lourdes springs are well-known to cure many medical disorders & diseases like rashes, acne, diabetes, cancer, and other skin problems. Due to this, the number of people visiting this place has been increasing year by year. Many researchers have been interested in this place. There were many attempts to find out the scientific reason behind it. One Japanese scientist eventually discovered that the reason behind it was activated hydrogen ions. These same ions are present in abundance in the electrolyzed water. 

What is Electrolyzed Water?

Ah! The steps to prepare the elixir would be complex and tough, isn’t it? Nope. Electrolyzed water is salt water (table salt plus normal water) through which electricity has passed. Well, that’s how it got its name, ‘electrolyzed water’. The electrolyzed water has magical properties, which is why it is also called the miracle drink. 

electrolyzed water

Scientists have proven that electrolyzed water has properties that can eliminate even some of the toughest pathogens without causing any harm. Knowingly or unknowingly, many people consume electrolyzed water with or without realizing its benefits. In Japan & Russia, electrolyzed water is widely well-known as a sanitizer. Now, it has been used to replace toxic & environment-harming chemicals. Moreover, even related approvals have been provided by various agencies. 

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Electrolyzed water is a non-toxic liquid that has elements that can act as an ideal detergent (hence used in cleaning) and at the same time act as an ideal disinfectant (& sanitizer). It absolutely destroys pathogens without hampering or disturbing any bodily processes.

Why is electrolyzed water not widely used?

Well, it is miracle, isn’t it? Why not use it frequently? What is a miracle which doesn’t come with its own downsides? There are some challenges with electrolyzed water. The primary one is that it is not quite stable. Electrolyzed water turns back to normal water within a few minutes. So, it isn’t like you can buy a bottle of electrolyzed water. If you want it, then you need to prepare it yourself. Another major reason is the cost involved in it. If you want electrolyzed water, then you will need an electrolysis machine.

How does electrolyzed water act as a miracle liquid?

electrolyzed water

Whatever the miracle in the electrolyzed water is the result of chemistry. Electrolysis is the process via which electrolyzed water is procured. It is the same process that is used for electroplating & mass production of chlorine. Electrolysis is the process where the chemical reaction is initiated with the help of a low-voltage electric current. So, passing electricity through salt water is how the electrolyzed water is prepared, simple isn’t it? 

So, NaCl (table salt) is broken down into sodium (Na) & chlorine (Cl) ions. These sodium ions are further converted into sodium hydroxide (NaOH). It is known as one of the most powerful alkaline substances that acts as an excellent degreaser & cleaner. The chloride ions are further converted into hypochlorous acid, which acts as a great disinfectant. Hence, it is also called acid water.

Many research studies have proven that electrolyzed water is at least ten times more effective than general disinfectants like bleach in killing pathogenic bacteria. Moreover, electrolyzed water is not harmful or toxic to the body like bleach & other disinfectants. Many doubtful & curious researchers have tried out testing the potential of electrolyzed water even of personal capacity. 

Nonetheless, the conclusion derived was that the acidic properties of electrolyzed water had the capability of destroying many pathogenic bacteria like salmonella, Escherichia Coli, and other pesky ones. Surprisingly enough, electrolyzed water had calming effects on scratches, acne, bruises, cuts, and even burns. Moreover, the alkaline properties of electrolyzed water make it a great sanitizer & disinfectant.

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Can you drink electrolyzed water?

electrolyzed water

If you are wondering whether you can gulp the miracle liquid, the answer is ‘YES”. So, the electrolyzed water contains two components of which the acidic component is a weak acid & another component is a weak alkali. This balance between the acidic & basic ions helps electrolyzed water to perform various actions. But, it doesn’t harm any bodily process, so it is safe to drink. Interestingly, a few researchers have claimed that electrolyzed water helps in maintaining the body's pH. There are many ongoing studies on the benefits of electrolyzed water. With the number of benefits that electrolyzed water provides, one can drink it safely without worrying about its impact on one’s health.

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Electrolyzed water contains weak acidic & alkali components, which are rich in activated hydrogen. It allows electrolyzed water to play various vital roles. Oxidation reaction, which is responsible for the aging of humans can be neutralized & reduced by consuming electrolyzed water. It is the reason why it is called the miracle drink of the 21st century.