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Good looking face masks that you can wear out to parties and dates

Attractive Face Masks you should wear in parties and dates 

In March 2020, when this pandemic had started, we got to see only green-colored medical and surgical types masks everywhere around us. They were dull in colors. We brought it out of fear of the virus and our security. The colors and appearance of such masks suit best for the surgical suits, not us.

But as this pandemic burst out many fashion brands started making fancy masks that suit your personality, dresses as well as the events you are going to attend. Fashion brands used their artistic creativity and made beautiful, matching, and good-looking face masks without compromising real cause – prevention from coronavirus.

You cannot step out of your home without masks. So, these masks have become a compulsory accessory for your every outfit may it be formals, casuals, party wears, or wedding lehenga. While choosing your outfit for the particular event don’t forget to choose masks that suit your dressing. The perfect match of the mask with your outfit will surely make you feel comfortable additionally you will look stunning among everyone present at the event.

Make sure that you keep a bunch of masks handy. Many experts and doctors recommend that you should wash masks after every use, especially if you are wearing them for the full day.

How to choose a face mask?

Safety and comfort should be the first priority for you while selecting a face mask. Don’t just look for fashion or style it might prove to be dangerous for your health. A safe face mask is a multi-layered mask.

The first layer should of any smooth material like cotton to avoid the discomfort of your nose. The second layer should be of any cloth like polypropylene which can act as a filter for dust particles, and the outermost layer should be any non-absorbent cloth such as polyester. These are the materials used for an ideal face mask.

Here in this article, we have brought a collection of various brands of masks that are highly safe and incredibly good-looking.

Assorted Color Lycra Face Masks with HEPA filter:

Lycra face mask

Keeping in mind the need of customers, these masks are made highly comfortable. People love them due to their fancy and sexy look. These Lycra face masks come with a replaceable HEPA filter.  This face mask has three layers. The outer mesh layer is followed by the HEPA filter and the final layer is a layer of cloth. Each one of the layers is designed to offer protection and comfort to the user.

These masks (even the ear loops) are made-up of Lycra cloth. Lycra cloth is soft and comfortable in nature. Additionally, these masks are machine washable (HEPA filter should be removed before the wash). One more feature of these masks is, it is adjustable and stretchable and that is why issues regarding the size of masks are very rare.

Special Sequin-Fitted Face Masks:


Planning to go out for a date with someone special? Or are you going to marry? Or are you going to attend your best friend’s wedding? What are you waiting for? Just go and buy a special sequin-fitted face mask as they are the best choice for special events of your life.

These masks are designed according to the comfort of the user. Moreover, you can have a mask that matches your jewelry that hangs on your neck or which matches best to your outfits during the above events. The sequins are mounted over the mesh layer followed by a cotton layer. These two inner layers act as a shield and prevent the entry of pathogens and, moreover, ensure comfort and proper breathing.

If you’re extra careful about your safety then a special feature of inserted filter pockets is given. To ensure one’s safety, a standard PM 2.5 filter can be inserted in the filter pocket, and hence they are assumed to be extra safe and secure for the prevention of coronavirus. Additionally, the colors and prints of these masks are very attractive and beautiful which add glamour and elegance to your outfit.

Cotton Cloth Designer Masks:

These are extremely smooth cloth masks, made by using high-quality cotton. Graphics of flowers, plants, and eatables are printed on them which makes them different and fancy. You can use these masks for any get-togethers, casual parties, and while spending time with your loved ones. Most importantly they are machine washable and one-size-fits scraps.

Professional Face Masks for Office-goers:

These masks are the perfect choice for professional people, who spend their entire day working or doing marketing. For working professionals, comfort is much needed. These masks are attractive and stretchable. Loops are adjustable according to one’s need and comfort. Additionally, its smoothness gives you a high experience of comfort and clear breath.

Comfortable and Attractive Ethnic Face Masks:

These are extremely comfortable and safe masks with great color choices. Prints on these masks are so ethnic which will make you fall in love with these masks. These masks are prepared by high-quality cotton fabric containing three different layers for extra security are on fire among the customers. If you love ethnic designs and, are looking for safety and comfort then this face mask is for you.

Fancy Designer Face Mask:

These face masks are highly fancy and match your royal, elegant and fancy outfits. They are best if you’re attending parties or marriages. Ensure that you are picking up face masks that match your outfits. Prints and designs on these masks are usually designed by expert designers, and the fabric used is pure cotton (or sometimes cotton blends), and these face masks have three layers for more security and safety.

Sequin & Lycra Face Mask With Filter:

Sequin & Lycra face mask

These beautiful and elegant face masks are made from a Cotton-Lycra blend. The face mask is well-designed and snugly fits your face. The ear loops also ensure that comfort isn’t compromised at all. The sequins are on the front of the mask and they only add an aesthetic value. Each and every sequin is hand-attached by a group of elderly women. This contributes to society as these ladies are from an economically weaker section.

The mask has two mesh layers that act as a shield and protect from the entry of pathogens. The first mesh layer forms the front filter and the second one is a much tighter weave mesh layer. These two layers are followed by a removable filter which ensures the complete restriction of pathogens. The last layer is of a soft sponge material. It is designed to be comfortable & aid and ease the breathing process. Thus, they are well-fitted and have enough breathable space

These face masks are also available in different colors and you can accordingly choose the ones which match your outfits. These face masks are unique and attractive and stand out from others at the parties. This face mask also comes with a nose bridge which can be attached to the face mask for a better fit and to avoid foggy glasses.

Worthy Lines:

During the period of this pandemic personal hygiene as well as social hygiene is so much important. Mask should be your accessory to your routine. Masks not only save you from coronavirus but also save the people around you. Don’t forget to wear a mask.
Stay safe, Stay healthy, Stay True