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Are There Benefits of Applying Hand Sanitizer On the Face?

What are the Benefits & Disadvantages of Applying Hand Sanitizer On the Face?

Hand sanitizer on face

Have you heard the phrase ‘Curiosity kills the Cat’? The same curiosity has brought you here. Think over it, there would be a reason why it’s called hand sanitizer, right? We don’t blame your inquisitiveness here. Hand sanitizer has been part of our lives for at least a couple of years. The results it has produced must have made you curious. It is vital to note that the information provided in the article is just for general purposes and in no way should be considered medical advice.

What are the effects of applying Hand Sanitizer on the face?

If you are wondering whether I should apply hand sanitizer on the face, then the answer would be ‘apply, at your own risk’. The primary reason is that hand sanitizer is designed to work on hands. The type of skin of our hands & faces differs from one another. Moreover, the face skin type differs from one person to another. Many medical professionals & skin experts even suggest different facial care products based on the face skin type. While on the other hand, there are a few benefits too.

What are the benefits of applying Hand Sanitizer on the face?

Removing Makeup -

Hand Sanitizer On Face

The person who first found it must have made them excited. Who would have thought that hand sanitizer does stupendous work on removing makeup? Apply small amounts of hand sanitizer and clean it with cotton. Just a gentle wipe will remove the makeup. The method is quick, easy, and efficient in cleaning makeup if you don’t have a makeup remover. Also, according to many users, there are no ill effects. Moreover, hand sanitizer can be used to sanitize & clean makeup brushes. So, even the longevity of makeup brushes is enhanced.

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Removing Pimples & Whiteheads -

If you don’t want pimples & whiteheads, then don’t consume alcohol, but the application of alcohol to the skin can do miracles. A pea-sized amount of alcohol-based hand sanitizer is capable of killing microbes & reduce acne. Also, hand sanitizer dries up quickly, so you need not worry about cleaning it. It may cause slight pain, but it means that the alcohol is working to reduce acne, whiteheads, and pimples. Remember that it should only be considered a last-minute emergency trick.

P.S. Don’t use it on blackheads. If you are interested, then you can check out the article on blackhead removal

FAQ: How does applying hand sanitizer to the face reduce pimples?

Hand Sanitizer On Face

Alcohol-based sanitizer works in two ways. The alcohol in hand sanitizer kills the pathogens that cause pimples and acne. It also speeds up the disappearance of pimples. So, these pimples quickly die out. Once it is ready to pop, you can wait for some time or pop it yourself. You can use the same hand sanitizer to clean the pimple residue. Just apply it (don’t rub it) on cotton and clean the area where the pimple was present. Allow the sanitizer to work its way. You may feel a burning sensation, but it means the sanitizer is working.

The sanitizer also removes sebum, oil, or dust on the skin. Many people have reported that the alcohol-based sanitizer works absolute wonders compared to other creams & oils used to remove pimples.

Reduces Pain -

If there’s an insect bite, alcohol-based sanitizers can help in reducing pain. Just apply a small amount of the sanitizer, and it will take care of the pain. (expect a stinging sensation). Moreover, if there are any skin-related issues, hand sanitizers can help in reducing them too. It is because they can kill the bacteria that deteriorate the skin condition.

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Bonus Benefit: Use it as a perfume or deodorant -

Apart from the benefits of hand sanitizer for applying on the face, you can use your hand sanitizer as a perfume. Most hand sanitizers have added perfumes. In case of an emergency, use your hand sanitizer as perfume.  

What are the issues of applying hand sanitizer on the face?

Dryness of Skin -

Hand sanitizer indeed contains alcohol that is capable of killing pathogens. Alcohol has another downside. It has the capability of squeezing out the moisture from the face. So, the moisture from the skin goes toward the alcohol. So, it causes a lot of moisture loss from the face. The face dries up quickly, which may cause a lot of drying and further, may also cause cracking. It may also cause irritation & itching too. No matter what happens, if you have dry skin, then avoid applying hand sanitizer on the face.

Components of Hand Sanitizer -

Hand Sanitizer On Face

Sanitizers contain other ingredients apart from alcohol. These chemical ingredients may have harmful effects on your face. For example, aloe-based sanitizers have aloe gel which helps in balancing the drying of the skin (aloe gel acts as a moisturizer). When such sanitizers are applied on the face, then the properties of aloe can cause pore clogging & blackhead formation, which can cause skin deterioration. Also, many people are allergic to triclosan, commonly used in non-alcoholic sanitizers.

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Dilates blood vessels -

Wherever alcohol touches, it dilates the blood. It means that when the sanitizer is applied to the face, then more blood is pumped toward it. So, the pain & burning sensation can get worse. If you have sensitive skin, it can cause a lot of issues. 

Damages eyes -

The sensation will be much worse than the pain when soap enters your eyes. Alcohol damages the eyes by killing the cornea cells & damages the lipid layer. So, for the sake of face skin protection, you would be risking your valuable eyes.

Kills all bacteria -

If you remember your biology classes, you must have heard about good bacteria that exist in our bodies. Our face also has a bunch of good bacteria called skin microbiota hanging around. These microbiotas protect the face by killing other harmful pathogenic organisms & moisturizing the skin. So, using hand sanitizer on the face can reduce the number of good bacteria and allow the repopulation of other pathogens & decreased immunity.

Conclusion -

Hand Sanitizer On Face

Hand sanitizers are to be used only for hands, but if used properly, they can work great even on your facial skin. But, it is vital to note that there are many aspects that you should note while using them. Applying hand sanitizers on the face may or may not work based on your skin type. Though we have tried to be neutral throughout the article, our best suggestion would be to ignore their benefits and consider not applying hand sanitizer on the face.