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Are PPE Vending Machines Necessary?

Everything you need to know about PPE Vending Machines!

PPE Vending Machines

The world went into turmoil when an unheard virus stormed just about everywhere. The novel coronavirus was a super spreader. The year 2019 marked the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic. During the pandemic, many countries went into a lockdown as the virus was contagious in nature, and of course a super spreader. Irrespective of the nature of this virus, medical professionals had to be in direct contact with the patients, a few potentially affected by COVID-19. To ensure safety, medical professionals don a PPE aka Personal Protective Equipment.

This pandemic surely has had a catastrophic effect on the world. Travelling has become difficult & restricted. But, with vaccination & proper protection the borders are wide open for travel. How would one get this “proper protection”? The solution is PPE! In this article, we are going to talk about a term closely related to PPE, i.e. PPE Vending Machine. 

So, if you are curious about the PPE vending machines, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss in detail about PPE vending machines including where they can be installed, their uses, the major roles, how important these machines are & the difference they bring in. Let’s begin without any further ado! 

What are PPE vending machines?

COVID-19 pandemic has paved a new market. Moreover, it has created several opportunities for new businesses to thrive upon. Many businesses got demolished while a few revived & adapted to the new normal. The businesses that started their operations in the post-pandemic world had to comply with certain norms of the so-called “new normal”. The major change was a much safer workspace & environment. The importance of occupational health & safety has been heightened.

This means that the PPE which is a must, especially when we talk about personal safety & protection should be easily available. How does one dispense PPE? Here we come across the PPE vending machines. PPE vending machines are tailor-made machines that dispense PPE & other protective equipment like hand sanitizers, first aid kits, face masks, respirators, safety gloves & glasses, and many more. 

Where are PPE vending machines used?

Thus, having a PPE vending machine around always keeps the surroundings much safer. There is a misconception that these PPE vending machines are developed amidst the pandemic, but this isn’t true. These vending machines have just garnered the limelight in the pandemic. Many healthcare institutions, industries, and other workplaces have always maintained a PPE vending machine. Of course, the products dispensed are different depending upon the workplace. So, these vending machines make the protective equipment easily accessible. 

PPE vending machines can also be used in public places. These machines usually dispense face masks, respirators, and hand sanitizers. Amidst the pandemic, especially, in the post-pandemic stage these PPE vending machines were setup at multiple busy public places like metro railway stations.

What is the role of a PPE vending machine?

A workplace should be organized yet occupy minimum space for storage facilities. It is expected that the safety equipment, especially PPE storage should be well-maintained. It can be easily managed by installing a PPE vending machine. Any chances of mishaps & damages due to unorganized mismanagement of PPE are completely thwarted.

Mismanagement in the storage of PPE can add up to the cost of the organization as well as the personnel. This may lead to damage to the PPE or in the worst case misplacing it and thus losing it. Additional costs would be incurred to replace the equipment. PPE vending machines eliminate any chances of mismanagement in the storage of PPE.

PPE vending machines play an important role in transforming the painful & boring inventory & restocking work efficiently. It helps out in planning the restocking by providing a list of equipment according to their use. Thus, inventory management & restocking can be automated. PPE vending machines can also integrate tracking mechanisms that help to improve the firm’s efficiency & accountability. It also saves precious time for the firm along with their hard-earned money. 


Is it important to have PPE Vending Machines?

Yes absolutely! PPE vending machines create a safe environment & save a lot of time, effort & money in the long run. Here are the benefits,

Inventory Management & Restocking

Maintaining a record of the inventory is an important aspect of any business. Effective management of inventory is possible by installing PPE vending machines. Manual inventory is difficult & time-consuming while inventory management using PPE vending machines is simple & easy. It increases productivity and in turn, consumes less time & effort. The cost of replacing lost equipment would reduce as inventory management is more effective.

Restocking PPE & other equipment can be easily determined based on the ones that are used the most. The process basically becomes quite easy & automated. PPE vending machines are capable of providing a list of equipment that should be restocked.

Accountable & Productive Employees

PPE vending machines reduce mismanagement of equipment. PPE vending machines can also include a tracking mechanism. This mechanism tracks the number of equipment used by the employees as well as the number used throughout the day. 

Employees have to remain more accountable as the PPE vending machine records the number of equipment it dispenses. There is no chance of any loss of equipment, and thus the employees use the equipment carefully. They remain cautious. This can also reduce the chances of any mishaps in the workplace. 

Employee wearing PPE

A few types of safety equipment like safety harnesses can be shared by multiple personnel. PPE vending machines are smart enough to even accept the equipment. They can store the safety equipment & dispense it whenever required. So, you need not provide each and every person with safety equipment. As there are usually a different number of shifts for the employees, PPE vending machines can aid sharing of safety equipment amongst the employees.

Safeguarding Security Guidelines & Clearance of PPE & other equipment

Security Clearance is undoubtedly one of the most underrated and most overseen aspects. With PPE vending machines, the organizations can ensure that only the ones with proper clearance can access the machines & use the equipment. This system plays a vital role in protecting employees from occupational hazards.

Employees who have received training related to the equipment have the security clearance to use them. PPE vending machines have specially designed systems that allow you to set the clearance levels (you can choose amongst different types). 

When PPE vending machines aren’t used then it becomes difficult to monitor which employee is using which equipment. This can cause an acute shortage of few types of equipment. Moreover, untrained employees can accidentally harm themselves or even others. This can be avoided using PPE vending machines.


PPE vending machines are no doubt beneficial. Many businesses, organizations & institutions have already installed PPE vending machines. The COVID-19 pandemic has popularized PPE vending machines. These machines make PPE & other safety equipment quite accessible. 

Here are the benefits in a nutshell,

  1. They help in saving time, effort & money in the longer run.
  2. They make the workplace a better & a safer place.
  3. Less time & effort in inventory management & restocking.
  4. Efficiency & Accountability becomes better.
  5. Better management of PPE & other equipment.
  6. Reducing potential damage & loss of PPE & other equipment.