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All you need to know about hand sanitizers

Everything that you should know about hand sanitizers

If I say that, many of us even didn’t know that anything like hand sanitizers exists in the world, would not be false, right? Before the Corona pandemic, except for people in the medical field, no one else was curious about hand sanitizers. We knew only about soaps and handwashes as the only ways to clean our hands.

But now as we are living with this dangerous virus, our protection is of utmost importance. Thus, hand sanitizers have become mandatory for everyone. You must want to know each and everything about hand sanitizers. This article will help you out with it.

Hand sanitizers helped us a lot during this pandemic. As we cannot use soap and water everywhere, we had to clean our hands (whenever necessary) using only the user-friendly, pocket-friendly, and compact hand sanitizer.

Here we have compiled data in one place that will help you to know more about hand sanitizers. Go through the entire article till the last word to know more about hand sanitizers. It contains information that is enough to understand the importance and the journey of a premium luxury commodity to a basic necessity item.


Hand Sanitizers

History of Hand Sanitizers:

The main idea behind the invention of hand sanitizer was to aid doctors, who could not use soap and water to properly clean their hands either due to its unavailability, or they couldn’t risk wetting their hands. So, there must be aid that not only helps in sterilizing but also doesn’t leave your hands wet, and that’s how hand sanitizers came into the picture.

At first, in 1966, sanitizers were introduced for the people in the medical field. Later, many pharmaceutical companies took initiative and brought bottles of hand sanitizers to the commercial market. But, during the corona pandemic, the need and use of hand sanitizers have dynamically shifted and grown exponentially. The metrics have changed such that you can see almost everyone is buying a hand sanitizer. These hand sanitizers have become an integral part of our life during the pandemic.


Alcohol based sanitizer

What is (an alcohol-based) hand sanitizer?

Hand Sanitizer is a liquid or gel, used to kill infectious entities and dangerous pathogens on the hands. Effective alcohol-based hand sanitizers contain at least 60% and maximum up to 95% alcohol. Alcohol is effective in killing bacteria, germs, and fungus. Alcohol used in hand sanitizers is either ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol. In addition to alcohol, hand sanitizers can also contain water, artificial perfumes (for the pleasant odor), and other substances.

Why you should use hand sanitizer?

It is not feasible to carry soap and water everywhere you go, so hand sanitizers come to your rescue. Hand sanitizers are safe and efficient for cleaning your hands. It can clean your hands in a few seconds without any drop of water, moreover, you do not even need to dry your hands after applying hand sanitizer. So, if you are a working professional, a traveler, or anyone who cannot stay at one place for a long time, assume that hand sanitizers are made for you!


Soap and Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizers

Can hand sanitizers effectively replace soap and water?

According to CDC, hand sanitizers are not fully effective, but surely, they are convenient. Sanitizers are convenient but not as effective as soap and water. Although it contains alcohol, which can remove microbes it is highly suggested to use it in an emergency, when you don’t have access to water and soap. Experts claim that sanitizers remove microbes and it doesn’t kill them, and that’s why hand sanitizers are less effective when compared to soap and water. Sanitizers are the best when soap and water are not available, for e.g., while traveling, or if you are in hurry. But whenever possible using soap and water is recommended.

How to use hand sanitizers?

First of all, use sanitizers only if you cannot use soap to wash your hands. Because it is proven that hand sanitizers are not 100 percent efficient.

1) Take a pea-sized amount of hand sanitizer on your palm.

2) Coat hand sanitizer all over your hands, especially between fingers.

3) Rub your hands on each other for a minimum of 10 seconds.

4) While rubbing, hand sanitizer will dry off automatically, you don’t need to wipe it.

Precautions to be taken:

1) Keep it out of the reach of children.

2) Don’t touch delicate organs like the eyes, mouth, and nose immediately after its use.

3) Don’t go near flames after using hand sanitizers (as alcohol can catch fire).

4) Store in a safe place that is away from sunlight.

Now, you know much more about hand sanitizers, but still, one thing must be aching your head, want to know what is that?

Washing Hands using Sanitizers

How to select hand sanitizers?

There are two types of hand sanitizers:

1) Alcohol-based sanitizers: It contains about 60%-95% of alcohol in the form of ethanol or isopropanol, commonly used to kill microbes.

2) Alcohol-free sanitizers: It contains antiseptics like benzalkonium chloride, which effectively eliminates pathogens and microorganisms.

Things to consider before buying sanitizer:

Know your skin type:

Many people face skin irritation and inflammation after the use of sanitizers, so know your skin type and then select suitable sanitizer. Please do check ingredients before buying hand sanitizer.

Alcohol content:

 Alcohol is the main content of hand sanitizers. Alcohol can remove bacteria, germs, and viruses instantly. So, sanitizers containing 60%-95 % alcohol can serve your purpose of cleaning hands.

 Important Notes

  • Hand sanitizers containing alcohol are more effective than alcohol-free hand sanitizers.
  • Do check the expiry date of hand sanitizer before buying it. 
  • During the period of the COVID-19 pandemic, many so-called experts started making YouTube videos or writing articles on how to make homemade sanitizers. Making hand sanitizers at the home is not a suitable option after all sanitizer is a mixture of chemicals in a certain proportion.

How can people like you and me know it? Right? If you make it incorrectly, it will not serve the purpose of cleaning hands. Either it will not clean your hands or it will affect your hands badly, and both the consequences are not safe. There are a few reported incidents of skin burning and skin inflammation due to these homemade sanitizers.

So, don’t believe in such preparation methods, it can prove to be fatal for you and your loved ones especially kids in your home. Take advice from experts, and use authenticated and scientifically tested hand sanitizers.