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7 Different methods to keep your surface germ free

How to get rid of germs from your surface? - 7 Different methods

mop surface

Germs are everywhere and it is important to get rid of them. They are the reason for infections and viruses that can prove to be very dangerous in the future. Germs are microscopic organisms that can cause and spread diseases. Accurate measures must be taken to limit your exposure to them.

All of us come into contact with the germs daily as they are too small to be visible from the eyes. The ongoing pandemic has taught us the importance of germ-free surfaces. It has made us realize that hygiene and health are important and must not be ignored. 

Are you afraid and worried about the germs on your surface? Or tired of sneezing, coughing, and a running nose? Don’t worry because we are here at your rescue. This article contains tips and methods to keep your surface germ free. Let’s discuss the topic without any further ado.

7 different methods to keep your surface germ free

clean surface
  • Clean the surface with a piece of cloth

  • Cleaning is essentially a way to remove the germs for the surface. To do that, you require some material like a piece of cloth. Use a clean piece of cloth on the surface to remove the germs. The dirty clothes do not prevent the surface from germs but rather add on to them. It is always advised to use a dry cloth for cleaning first, to remove the dust. Give special attention to hidden areas as they are more prone to germs. Places like the kitchen sink, doorknobs, desks are likely to have more germs. Kitchens are used almost the whole day for the preparation of food at various times, hence they should be given more attention. Always clean the surface after making food to minimize the spreading of germs to other parts of the house. Try to wipe down the hidden surfaces regularly with a cloth to prevent germs. 

    disinfect surface
  • Disinfect the surface regularly

  • Disinfecting is different from both cleaning and sanitizing. Disinfecting means using chemicals, that is the disinfectants that help in killing the germs on surfaces and objects. Bleach and alcohol are two of the main disinfectants mainly used. They are to be left on the surface or object for a particular period. It might not always clean the surface. So, it is better to do the cleaning first before disinfecting. One more thing that you need to take care of is that the disinfectants you use must be well checked before use. Directions should be read carefully to use perfectly. One can also use fogger machines for disinfection purposes.

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    sanitize surface
  • Sanitize the surface as and when required

  • Sanitization is one of the major processes of lowering the number of germs on the surface. It could be done by either cleaning or disinfecting. Sanitization is often done in public places like schools, banks, theaters, workplaces, and other such places. Due to the pandemic, people have become more aware of surface hygiene along with personal hygiene. Hence, sanitization at various places including homes and schools has increased now. It helps to prevent the spread of germs and diseases. The safe level of sanitization depends on the public health standards of various places. 

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    mop surface
  • Wet mop the surface after dry cleaning

  • All the germs are not removed with a mere dry cloth and therefore cleaning the surface with water is essential. Mops are very effective on surfaces with a flat base because they easily clean the germs on the surface. Mops are not a very old method used for cleaning the surface but have gained a lot of popularity in recent years due to their easy usage and effectiveness. If you haven’t tried using mops yet, we suggest them. These will be your favorite method to clean your surface.

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  • Clean the surface with warm water 

  • Warm water is better than normal or cold water when it comes to cleaning the surface. Warm water helps to remove the germs easily from the surface. With the help of hot or warm water, you can expel the germs in much less time and energy than with normal water. This is a proven fact and the majority of people do this because they are well off. The heat causes the molecules to move faster which results in faster results. This is the reason for the use of warm water in cleaning. 

    sanitize surface
  • Once in a while use detergents and water to clean the surface

  • This is a good method when there is a lot of cleaning to be done. Water is essentially used in cleaning at all places as it is the most important thing used to wash the surface or object. When the surface is very dirty, using two buckets of water one with the detergent and the other one with water could be the best option. 

    After cleaning the surface with a dry cloth, cleaning is with detergent and water ensures a proper germ-free surface. This method is mainly adopted when cleaning is to be done in the whole house or a large amount of space. Try doing this method at least once in a month. Germs are best removed with this method because the detergent helps to remove them, weaken them and the water wipes them out easily and in the most effective manner possible.

    You can also check out CDC’s cleaning & disinfecting guide.

  • You can also use vacuum cleaners for your surface 

  • Vacuum cleaners are popular, we all are well aware of them. They are devices that clean the surface by sucking up dust, dirt, and other germs. Almost all houses have vacuum cleaners in their homes because they are very easy and convenient to use.

    fogging disinfectant on surface


    I hope you liked our article and it will surely help you keep your surface germ free. These methods are nothing new or something you have never heard of and so proper knowledge of their implementation is required to make the best use of them. Proper usage would lead to a perfect germ-free surface. We suggest you try these methods at your home to keep your surface germ free. Doing them in the best manner will surely give you good results.

    Stay Safe! Stay Healthy! Stay True!