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7 Best Disinfectant Fogger Machines for Offices

7 Best Disinfectant Fogger Machines for Offices that You will Find Online Easily

Disinfectant Fog Machine


In this article, we are going to briefly discuss the need for disinfection at offices in the current situation. Why one should use a disinfectant fog machine, the advantages of disinfectant fogger machines, and the 7 best disinfectant fogger machines you can get for your office.  

The Arrival of the Pandemic

Woah!! Did you ever even think of a pandemic striking us out of nowhere? I guess we must have thought of an alien invasion or maybe a zombie apocalypse (Courtesy: Hollywood). Surely, we all thought that a colony on Mars was going to be set up by 2020! (Courtesy: Elon Musk). Maybe we knew that these situations were far off from reality (or maybe not!), but we never expected a global encounter with a virus that would result in a pandemic!   

An organism that is said to be on the threshold of livelihood has impacted the lives of the most intelligent creature on the earth. The COVID-19 pandemic resulted from exactly a hundred years after the previous Spanish Flu pandemic. In 1919, when the pandemic occurred, the medical infrastructure (hospitals, medical equipment, medicines, and a lot more) was poorly developed. So, the casualties were much higher.

Man wearing PPE kit

Back in 2019, where the medical infrastructure is highly advanced, the pandemic still stuck us hard, resulting in nationwide lockdowns at some places. Before this deadly virus was curbed with the arrival of vaccines, we had a few of our weapons to fight the virus. Hand Sanitizers, Face Masks, Respirators, Safety Gloves, Disinfectant Fog machines played a major role in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this article, we are specifically going to discuss the sanitizing fogger machine or also known as the disinfectant fog machine.

Why should one disinfect?

In pandemic & post-pandemic times, disinfection has become much more important. Disinfection is a process or method used to eliminate the potential disease-causing organisms (also known as pathogens) from the area of disinfection. Coronavirus is considered a pathogen that can be easily killed (or made inactively) using disinfection. For the process of disinfection, you would require certain chemicals known as disinfectants. 

Disinfection using these disinfectants is relatively simple, irrespective of the path chosen. You can use soap & water or disinfectant fog (or mist) produced by a sanitizing fogger machine for the process. Depending upon the space for disinfection & requirements, the path for disinfection must be chosen.

Disinfectant Fogging

Talking specifically about the coronavirus, it can land on surfaces. If people come in direct contact with such surfaces, then there are chances that the person can be affected by the COVID-19 disease. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention), cleaning or disinfection of surfaces reduces the risk of contamination & enhances the rate of prevention of COVID-19 (and sometimes other) diseases. 

Advantages of Disinfection

  1. Quite Inexpensive
  2. Highly Effective Cleansing, Sanitizing & Disinfection
  3. Protects one from Pathogens & Prevents Diseases

If you are wondering whether the disinfection using chemicals is safe or not, check out our piece on disinfectants

Why should one use a Disinfectant Fogger Machine for Sanitizing & Disinfection in Office Spaces?

Now the question arises, why should you use a disinfectant fogger machine or a sanitizer fogger machine for the process of disinfection? We must understand that there are multiple paths for sanitizing or disinfecting a surface. From using basic soap & water or use of disinfectant sprays or even disinfectant wipes. Why should you go with Disinfectant Fog Machines?

We are specifically talking about office spaces. Office spaces are usually large indoor spaces with many hard-to-reach places. With most offices working at least 8-12 hours a day, it becomes important the disinfection process must be a less time-consuming process without any compromise in the efficiency of disinfection. 

Disinfection by Disinfectant Fog Machine

Did you know:

Fogger machines have wide applications in various industries like Food, Agriculture, Hospital, Pollution & Insect Control, Entertainment, and many more. 

Here are the advantages of sanitizer fogger machine, 

Advantages of Disinfection using Disinfectant Fog Machine

  1. Quite Inexpensive
  2. Highly Effective Cleansing, Sanitizing & Disinfection in less time
  3. Disinfects Hard to Reach Areas efficiently
  4. Minimal Human Intervention & Efforts are Required
  5. It Requires Less Time for Disinfection of Large Spaces (with high cleansing efficiency) 
  6. Protects one from Pathogens & Prevents Diseases

It is clear from the above advantages that using a disinfectant fogger machine meets all the requirements for the disinfection of the office spaces. Moreover, according to the CDC, sanitizing once a day is recommended. Also, if the place has higher traffic and a large number of shared spaces, then the number of sanitizing the office space every day may increase. 

PPE Kits


  1. When using a disinfectant fog machine, the personnel disinfecting must wear proper safety gear. This safety gear must fully cover the body of the person. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) kits are the best safety gear that must be donned by the disinfecting personnel.  Click for more details on how to disinfect using a disinfectant fog machine.
  2. While disinfecting using the disinfectant fog machine, it is important that space must be vacant with no humans around. So, the best time for disinfectant fogging is when the offices are closed (or a few hours before they open). 
  3. Never wipe off the surfaces after disinfectant fogging. The fog settles down after some time & shows its effects on the surface.

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7 Best Disinfectant Fogger Machines for Disinfection of your Office Space:

  • The True Guard Disinfectant Spraying Fogger Machine by True PPE:

  • Buy the True Guard Disinfectant Spraying Fogger Machine

    True Guard by True PPE is specially designed & developed for commercial spaces & homes. This disinfectant fog machine uses the injection fogging method for spraying the disinfectants. Also, it is capable of reaching out to the hard-to-reach areas where the pathogens usually lurk. 

    True Guard is highly effective in disinfection & one of the best disinfectant fog machines in the market. Moreover, it is simple to use, lightweight, and portable. The best thing is that you can also use it as a sanitizer fogger machine. 

    True Guard Sanitizing Fogger Machine

    The Good news is that True Guard is on sale! With about 40% off, it makes no sense why you aren’t up for grabbing one! Also, True PPE is well-known for its rapid fast quick delivery with warehouses located in Los Angeles and New Jersey. 

    So, you are getting one of the best fogger machines in the market at an affordable price & quickly delivered to your place. Get the True Guard for yourself, sanitize & disinfect, and protect yourself from the pathogens.

  • TIIANTE ULV Fogger Machine

  • Buy TIIANTE ULV Fogger Machine

    This ULV Fogger Machine is rechargeable & a personalized solution for smaller office spaces. It is small, portable & lightweight. Get this sanitizer fogger machine for disinfection without any hassle. It produces less noise when compared to other disinfectant foggers. With a charging time of one and a half hours, it can function for slightly a bit above an hour. It comes with a type C battery.

  • GIIISTER Disinfectant Fogger Machine 

  • Buy GIIISTER Disinfectant Fogger

    This disinfectant fogger machine by GIIISTER is rechargeable & disinfected using nano molecules. It is portable, lightweight & has a spray distance of 6 to 8 feet. There are three adjustable gears available in this disinfectant fogger. As it is cordless, it has wider coverage. The best part is that when it disinfects, it emits a blue light that can help you track the sprayed disinfectant.

    With a charging time of 45 minutes, it can function for about 2 hours. In a single charge, it can cover an entire floor of the office. GIIISTER also provides a 6 month warranty period for the disinfectant fogger machine.

  • LetGoShop Disinfectant Fogger Machine

  • Buy LetGoShop Disinfectant Fogger

    This disinfectant fogger machine by Let Go Shop is rechargeable with a type C battery. It is portable, lightweight & has a spray distance of 4 to 6 feet. There are two adjustable gears available in this disinfectant fogger. As it is cordless, it has wider coverage. It has a nano spray head with six blue lights & has an anti-clogging design.

    The disinfectant fogger machine can function for about one and a half hours. It has a rotating bottle mouth that prevents any potential leakage. The filter used is corrosion-resistant & reduces the chances of nozzle clogging.

  • Techotool ULV Portable Disinfectant Fog Machine

  • Buy Techotool ULV Portable Disinfectant Fog Machine

    This disinfectant fog machine by Technotool requires a preheat period of 5 to 10 minutes before it can start functioning. It can easily cover a 650 square feet area of disinfection in a period of 15 minutes.

  • CONQUS Disinfectant Fogger Machine

  • Buy CONQUS Disinfectant Fogger Machine

    This disinfectant fogger machine by Conqus is rechargeable with a type C battery. It is portable, lightweight & has a spray distance of 5 to 7 feet. There are two adjustable gears available in this disinfectant fogger. As it is cordless, it has wider coverage. It uses nano molecules to disinfect. The disinfectant fogger machine comes with four blue lights.

    The disinfectant fogger machine can function for at most two hours after a single charge of three hours. It comes with a touch screen for easy control.

  • Authentic Original Disinfectant Fogger Machine

  • Buy Authentic Original Disinfectant Fogger Machine

    It is a multi-function disinfectant fogger & air purifier. This device requires a preheat period of 5 minutes before it can start functioning. For the process of disinfection fogging to occur, you need to add the fog juice (fogging liquid plus disinfectant). comes with a timer, so you can start & stop by setting the time. The device auto stops when it overheats.


    Check out the BRÜUN ULV Disinfectant Fogger Machine for heavy fogging (of outdoor areas).


    1. With the arrival of the pandemic, disinfection of surfaces has become important.
    2. Disinfection of the surfaces eliminates the pathogens & reduces the chances of contracting a disease.
    3. Disinfectant fogging is a widely used method of disinfection for quick & effective disinfection of the area.
    4. For commercial spaces like offices, the use of disinfectant fogger machines is a must.
    5. The best disinfectant fogger machine for offices is True Guard by True PPE.