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10 Best Gloves for Electrical Work That You Need To Buy Today

Top Gloves for Electrical Work That You Should Use

Gloves for Electrical Work

Electricity is the fuel on which the world runs. Be it your automobiles or appliances they work due to electricity. But do you know the tremendous amount of effort required to produce, transmit and facilitate electricity to every nook and cranny? Everyone turns towards an electrician whenever there is any issue during electricity transmission. Electricians often find themselves in situations that vary from repairing small electrical wires to working on high-voltage transmission lines. So, how do electricians protect themselves? In this article, we will be discussing gloves for electrical work.

Why gloves for electrical work are electrician’s best friend?

Electricians are always tackling various electrical hazards with varying risk factors. The only line of defense between electricians and electric wires is hand gloves. Gloves for electrical work not only protect electricians from electric shocks but also from cuts, scratches, and burns. Electricians need to ensure that they don proper gloves for electrical work. Remember that they are the protective barrier between electric wires and the electrician’s skin. It means that the electrician cannot don just about any gloves. They need to choose the electric gloves carefully.

Gloves for Electrical Work

The gloves for electrical work should protect from electricity as well as burns, cuts, and abrasion. So, these gloves, for sure, must be electric insulators and cut-resistant. They should provide proper grip to ensure safe working. These gloves must ensure comfort for the electrician. It is achieved by superior design, which makes the gloves lightweight & breathable. Also, the gloves must pass safety standards, and periodical testing must be done to ensure their safety. Additional features may include slip-resistance, abrasion-resistance, heat insulator, and dexterity. 

Types of Gloves for electrical work

The top types of gloves for electrical work frequently used by electricians are -

  • Lineman Gloves -

  • Lineman gloves are used by electricians to protect themselves when they are not working around electricity. These gloves provide dexterity and grip when the electricians need to climb electric poles or do other tasks which don’t involve electricity. Additionally, they are expected to provide slip resistance, cut resistance, and durability. Lineman gloves are often made of natural rubber, which makes them lightweight and breathable. Lineman gloves may also provide electric resistance.

    Lineman Gloves for Electrical Work

    The best lineman gloves are -

    Magid Electrical Insulating Lineman Safety Gloves

    These lineman safety gloves are considered to be the best in the market. They have excellent attributes and are highly comfortable. They are manufactured using natural rubber of the highest quality, which ensures that they are lightweight & dextrous. They are available in various sizes ranging between 11 to 14 inches. They are available in various colors. Moreover, they also provide low-voltage protection. If it is DC, the protection is 750 volts, and if it’s AC, the protection is 500 volts. They fall under class 00 of ASTM D120.

    Key Feature - They have a superior design that reduces fatigue and increases durability. 

    Safety standards & regulations followed (or exceeded) - OSHA 29 CFR 1910.269, ASTM D120-09, and NFPA 70E.

    Klein Tools Lineman Work Gloves (40080 - M, 40082 - L, 40084 - XL, 40086 - XXL)

    Klein tools offer lineman work gloves in 4 high-quality materials namely spandex, neoprene, nylon, and leather. With extended cuffs, they ensure a higher level of protection. They are known for their durability and comfort.  

    Key Feature - These lineman work gloves have side vents which makes them breathable and provide better dexterity.

    Maxiflex Ultimate Grip Work Gloves (34-874 & 34-878 - palm coated knitwrist, 34-875 - ¾ coated knitwrist, 34-876 - fully coated knitwrist)

    Maxiflex grip work gloves are the best in comfort & dexterity. They are highly breathable and provide a proper grip. Electricians will not even feel that they are wearing gloves. These gloves are nitrile coated. The nitrile is a microfoam which allows makes it more breathable and comfortable. They are available in a wide range of 6 (XS) to size 11 (XL). 34-874 also provides additional sizes of 5 (XXS) & 12 (XXL). 

    Key Feature - They keep hands clean by ensuring that no external material enters the gloves. It is possible due to a special knit wrist. They are approved by FDA and are silicone free.

    ShuangAn Lineman Gloves (with electrical insulation)

    ShuangAn lineman gloves provide up to 12KV protection falling under class 1 of ASTM D120. Combined with durability, dexterity, and comfort, it is an ideal choice for lineman work. The special ergonomic design is the reason for its comfort. 

    Key feature - With the additional benefit of electrical insulation, these gloves for electrical work also cause less fatigue. They are waterproof too.

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  • Insulated Electrician Gloves -

  • Perhaps, the most necessary PPE for electricians has to be insulated gloves. These gloves, as the name suggests are made of insulating material, mostly rubber. Electricians are given this PPE based on the voltage of electricity to which they may be exposed. ASTM is an organization that provides the classification of these gloves and governs their safety standards. One needs to carefully assess the possible voltage exposure and choose the insulated gloves accordingly. 

    Insulated Gloves for Electrical Work

    The ASTM D120 provides the classification of insulated hand gloves based on the voltage details -


    Voltage (DC)

    Voltage (AC)



















    Further, these classes can be grouped as low voltage and high voltage insulated gloves. Class 00 & 0 are considered low-voltage insulated gloves, while the other classes are part of high-voltage insulated gloves. For electricians working in extremely cold conditions or winters, there are special insulated gloves that provide shock protection without comprising comfort and dexterity.

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    Low voltage protection gloves for electrical work -

    Magid Safety M011B9 Electrical Gloves

    Magid offers class 0 (as per ASTM D-120) made of black dielectric natural rubber latex that offers superior quality, dexterity, comfort, and puncture resistance. The gloves have a superior design that allows the electricians to have a great deal of comfort, flexibility, and grip. Moreover, even fatigue is reduced and higher achieved, all thanks to its superior design.

    Safety standards & regulations followed (or exceeded) - OSHA 29 CFR 1910.269, ASTM D120-09, and NFPA 70E.

    Key feature - With arc flash protection, they tick all the boxes that an electrician desires for the low voltage application.

    Ansell Gloves 113744 Marigold

    These gloves are ideal class 0 (as approved by ASTM D120) with abrasion resistance and high comfort. The provision of seamless lining & beaded cuff ensures that there’s no issue with dexterity or comfort. These gloves also adhere to the OSHA guidelines. 

    Key feature - The gloves are well-designed such that the electricians can comfortably wear leather protectors over them. (Keep reading to find out more about leather protectors).

    High voltage protection gloves for electrical work -

    Gloves for Electrical Work

    2 PCS Insulating Gloves

    These insulating gloves are specially designed for high voltage work. Ideal for electricians who frequently find themselves working on high-voltage electric lines. These gloves are made up of premium quality rubber which provides electric insulation and higher durability & strength. Moreover, these gloves also provide abrasion resistance & cut resistance. These well-designed gloves maximize comfort & reduce chaffing, sweating, and hand fatigue. The test voltage for the gloves is 12KV. 

    Key feature - These red gloves are waterproof & resilient. The best feature of these gloves is that these gloves are easy to don & doff. They are ideal if you’re working on high-voltage electric lines.

    PiPiAnAn Electrical Insulating Rubber Gloves

    Lightweight, ergonomic & contour design, comfortable - these three features make the gloves highly efficient & effective. They provide abrasion resistance, scratch & cut resistance. Moreover, the gloves reduce sweating, chaffing, and hand fatigue. As they are made up of dielectric natural rubber, strength, elasticity, dexterity, and durability are at par. The test voltage for the gloves is just under 20KV.

    Key feature - These lightweight gloves are waterproof and provide a perfect fit for most individuals. 

    To find out more, check out the standard specifications of rubber insulating gloves by ASTM.

  • Leather Protector Gloves -

  • Leather protector gloves are the additional layer of protection over insulating gloves. These gloves are used to protect from burns, cuts, abrasions, and punctures. These protector gloves are often made of synthetic leather but are also manufactured from natural leather sources like goatskin & cowhide.

    Mechanix Wear M-Pact Leather Framer Work Gloves

    These gloves are made of special synthetic Durahide leather & thermoplastic rubber. They have a unique design called the fingerless which allows you to have three fingers (index finger, thumb, and middle finger) free. This means that it allows you to work with more comfort, grip, and ease. The use of thermoplastic rubber provides impact resistance, while Durahide leather gives CE Level 4 rated abrasion resistance. The gloves are highly rated for their breathability & fit.

    Key feature - They provide vibration absorption with the help of special palm padding. They even have knuckle guards. It makes the electrician’s life much easier as they provide superior safety & comfort.

    National Safety Apparel Rubber Voltage Insulating Glove Kit

    The best aspect of this kit is that it includes a leather protector as well as class 0 (as approved by ASTM D-120) insulating gloves. 

    Key feature - They are the best in class when working around the areas where arc flashes are highly possible. They are known for their puncture resistance. 

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    The article helps electricians & other personnel to understand the importance of gloves for electrical work. Electricians often face various hazards & risks at work which cannot be neglected. It means that they need a line of defense which often is the hand gloves. Employers should never disregard safety at work as one cannot compromise the risks of the individuals. 

    gloves for electrical work

    Choosing the right pair of gloves is surely a necessary step that helps you to be safe even if the hazard turns into an accident. Various parameters like voltage protection comfort, grip, fit, and other valuable factors should also be considered before choosing the gloves. We have listed down the top 10 gloves which are the best in the market. Check them out. Stay Safe!